Top Universities On the South Devon Coast

Devon sits in the south west of England and has an interesting heritage; Brittonic Celts roamed during the early Medieval times and then Anglo-Saxons settled here later, finally assimilating under the reign of Wessex. It is an extremely beautiful part of the country, offering sandy beaches, fossil cliffs and old medieval towns. With a population of 1.1 million, Devon also holds host to a range of schools, colleges, and universities, some of which are the best in the country. The University of Exeter is but one of these fine schools, which sits within the capital of Devon, the city of Exeter. Read on for more on this university.

people-woman-coffee-meeting-1One of Britain’s top ten

The University of Exeter is considered to be in the top ten of British Universities and continues to rank very high to this day. Upwards of 80% of the academic research conducted at the University has been rated as world-leading by the Research Excellence Framework body. Income has also increased for the University by more than 60% in the last decade. The school is comprised of three main campuses, with the Penryn campus spanning more than 100 acres. Recent income has gone to the development of the facilities at some of the campuses, with the Exeter Medical School also having opened in 2013. See more universities online.

Strong emphasis on computer science at Plymouth

Other schools in Devon also include the University of Plymouth. This is one of the largest schools in the U.K, and has been established since 1862. It was one of the first universities to set up its own medical and dental schools. Two-thirds of the research at the University has also won awards for being world-leading, and they have strong computer science, robotics, and marine departments. It is situated near the city of Plymouth, and hosts upwards of 30,000 students at one time. Both Exeter and Plymouth are renowned for their quality in teaching, their research facilities and are highly rated by students for overall satisfaction.