Enjoying the Thrill of Glamping Accommodation In Cornwall

tumblr_mltgmlj6vo1r2doe0o1_1280With a population of over half a million people, Cornwall proudly takes the westernmost part of the south-west peninsula of Great Britain. It has its north and west sides bordered by the Celtic sea, while to the east it is flanked by Devon. Cornwall boasts the sunniest climate and warmest winters in the United Kingdom, making it the go-to spot for tourists looking for some outdoor relaxation.

Glamping Variety in Cornwall

When looking for outdoor adventures without all the discomforts associated with camping, a tourist can go for glamping. Glamping gives camping a touch of luxury, providing all the amenities desired while still staying outdoors. Cornwall has a wide variety of glamping facilities to suit anyone’s needs. For those desiring an experience as close to nature as possible, Cornwall offers a wide selection of shepherd’s huts like at Safari Cornwall along St. Kew Highway, bell tents along the Lizard Peninsula, wagons, airstreams, and wigwam cabins, among others. Depending on the experience that one is looking for, one can find a fully suited glamping unit inclusive of snacks, private hot showers, and even hot tubs, or get the minimum sleeping quarters whistle having to lug along their camping gear.

Other Accommodation Types

These facilities are situated in serene surroundings that blend in with nature. You have some glamping units along the Cornish coast while others are tucked away in orchards and parks. While this has become a popular and somehow even fashionable activity lately, Cornwall has all other accommodations to offer. It has quaint settings like Welltown cottages in Bodmin Moor, or the more luxurious Bedruthan hotel and spa in Mawgan Porth. Bed and breakfast hotels, home away from home cottages, five star holiday homes, and caravans are but some of the accommodation variety in Cornwall. The accommodation you choose is dependent on the kind of experience you are looking for, and Cornwall will surely be able to provide it!